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Shipping Methods

Open auto transportation is a cost-effective method of transporting vehicles such as cars, trucks, and SUVs using trailers with an open top and sides designed to carry multiple vehicles simultaneously. Unlike enclosed trailers which provide complete protection from the elements, open setups leave vehicles exposed to the environment during transit. Because of their open design, vehicles on open trailers are more accessible making it easier to load, secure and inspect the vehicles before and during transport. When considering open transportation, it's important to choose a reputable and experienced auto transport company.

What are the advantages of open transport?

Open transport is a great solution when you need to ship vehicles or other large cargo safely. Gipso Transportation, LLC in Saco, ME offers open auto transport services because this option:

  • Is more affordable than many other options
  • Uses less fuel than enclosed transportation models
  • Allows the driver to inspect the cargo along the route

With our open transport services, you can be confident that we'll deliver your cargo safely and promptly. Our drivers transport cars, trucks and SUVs with care and strive to arrive on time. For more information on our open auto transport services, please contact us today.

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